sublimated makeup bag

Sublimated Makeup Bag

Sublimated makeup bag was found at my amazing Dollar tree! Anyone else love finding $1.25 items to sublimate? Whether you are gifting or selling its always a great fine!

Sublimated makeup bag was very easy to do. One thing to keep in mins is the insert will heat together. To keep this from happening, I folded a piece of butcher paper a few times to put on the inside while pressing,

I created my own design. I have the business edition of Silhouette studio so I do get some freebies and really cheap clip arts! these makeup bags were in the cosmetic sections at one of my Dollar Trees. The other Dollar Tree had them right at the check out.

Items needed to create the Sublimated makeup bag:

Silhouette studio or paint program

Copy paper

Butcher paper

Epson Eco tank printer

Heat press or mini press

Makeup bag

I created the design and printed, While that was printing I folded my butcher paper for the inside. carefully add your butcher paper to the inside of the bag. Make sure that it is covering the entire inside. Now grab your design and cut off the excess paper. Place the bag on the heat press, spray with bonding spray and place the design evenly.

I keep my press at 385 degrees and press for 45 seconds. Take your design off the now Sublimated makeup bag. This step is very important an its going to be hot! Once your timer goes off, you are going to have to get the butcher paper out of the center of the bag or it will stay closed and you will ruin the bag. Your bag is going to wrinkle a bit after taking the butcher paper out. I have not tried it yet, but I am sure you can run an iron over it to remove wrinkles.

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