Name tile for Mother’s Day

Name tile for Mother’s Day gift is super easy and very inexpensive!

I love making gifts for family, friends and of course customers!!

There is something about receiving a handmade item for a gift. For some reason I appreciate it so much more!

Would you love to learn how to make a Name Tile for Mother’s Day gift? Keep reading!

Name tile for Mothers’s Day supplies needed:

1 ceramic tile from Lowes

2 different colors of permanent vinyl from 143 Vinyl

Cutting machine (silhouette) or stencils!
Transfer tape from 143 Vinyl

Rubbing alcohol

Cotton Ball

Pin Pen (use to weed vinyl) from 143 Vinyl

hair dryer if you get air bubbles

Lets get creating!! Open Design Space and on the left hand side, you will see the shapes option. Grab the square and make a rectangle the size of your tile. mine was 12”x4”. change the color of your box so you can see your petters. this box will he deleted or moved aside when cutting your wording. Now that you have your rectangle sized to fit tour tile, type Mom. Move it onto your rectangle and size it to fit right over it. I didn’t leave a sliver, which I should have.

Next add the children and dogs names😆 My dogs are my kids too! i used the I love glitter font from DaFont. It was Free! i love free 🤷🏼‍♀️.

Size your names to fit on your rectangle. If everything looks good to you its now time to cut! Move your names off the cut grid, leave the mom, and delete the rectangle.

Send the mom through with color vinyl of your choice. Be sure before taking your mat out of the cutter that your vinyl cut all the way through. If your words cut perfect and you can lift a piece of one of the letters you are ready to remove the cutting mat.

Lets get ready to cut your names out. Move MOM off of the cutting area and place your names in that area. Grab your second colored vinyl and repeat the process.
While your names are cutting, grab your cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. Rub the surface thoroughly and let dry.

Grab your cut vinyl and weed your words out. Place your transfer tape on the mom. Rub it on good so you know your letters stuck to the transfer tape. slowly remove the backing of your vinyl, mom should be adhered to the transfer tape.
Line your letters up with the top and side of the tile. Rub from one side to another to try to eliminate air bubbles. This is the hard part! After rubbing, slowly peel the transfer tape off the letters. Be sure to do this slow because you can easily rip your vinyl.

Grab your names and repeat the process. Carefully place your names right on top of MOM, rub really well and very slowly peel the transfer tape off.

If by chance you have bubbles, grab a pin, poke a little hole in it, smooth it with your finger. Grab your hair dryer and go over it. Don’t do it in the same spot for too long, you will melt your vinyl.

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