How to decorate a watering can

How to make a flower pot

How to decorate a watering can and give it as a gift?

Decorating a watering can and making it into a flower pot is a fun cheap project! Remember, Mother’s day is coming!

Want to learn how to decorate a watering can to make a flower pot?

I love an at home crafty projects that can be used as gifts. I will show a list of what is needed, so you can look around the house or run to the store to grab what you need. So, who is ready to make this super cuter watering can plant holder?

Items needed to decorate a watering can:

• Watering can (Dollar Tree)

•Permanent Vinyl (Dollar Tree) I purchase mine from 143 Vinyl

•Silhouette, Cricut or stencils

•transfer tape (I get the clear shelf liner from Dollar Tree)

•rubbing alcohol
• Cotton ball

Now that you have all the physical items needed, you can either create your own design, or head over to Etsy and purchase the design you would like. I purchased this digital file from The Black Cats Prints on Etsy. HTTPS://

Now that you have your wording/design all cut out, dab your cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Find where you want to add your vinyl, wipe it down with your cotton ball, let dry and adhere your design.

How to decorate a watering can

Now that you have a completed decorating you Watering can, add some potting soil and a plant! Are you going to keep your watering can flower pot or gift it? Let me know in the comments below!

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