DIY Easter Egg Wreath 

DIY Easter Egg Wreath on a budget
DIY Easter Egg Wreath on a budget

Who doesn’t love adorable and cheap? Well the DIY Easter Egg wreath on a budget is going to give you great results for your door or window. This wreath is adorable and very cheap to create!

Supplies needed for your DIY Easter Egg Wreath:

  • 2~ 14” wire wreath frames from Dollar tree
  • Basket grass from the Dollar Tree
  • Plastic Easter Eggs from the Dollar Tree
  • Glue gun, super glue or E6000
  • Floral wire or ribbon This is to secure the frames together
  • Bow if you can make it have one on hand.
  • Cord for a hanger

Lay your first wreath frame flat.

Glue grass to the frame.

Next glue eggs to the grass.

Add glue to the top of your eggs if they are able to touch the top frame.

Add the top frame.  Secure the top and bottom frame with floral wire. You could also use fake moss, real looking grass.

Add the cord on the back so you can hang on the door.

Glue your bow to the top, bottom or one of the sides, which ever you prefer.

You have an adorable DIY Easter Egg wreath on a budget! 
Do you like the farmhouse look? You could also use your imagination and use different variations. Try fake moss instead of the purple Easter basket grass, maybe paint the eggs to give them a rustic look and add chicken wire to secure your wreath frames. Using chicken wire is a little more difficult, I would recommend using gloves, so you do not cut yourself. Be sure to grab wore cutters. When using wire, also be mindful of hiding the ends if the wire so you don’t prick your fingers when hanging, nor scratching your door or glass.

Thank you for stopping by! i will be adding more DIY posts in the near future. Don’t be shy… if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will respond in a timely fashion.


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