DIY Door Swag Gift On a Budget.

DIY Door Swag gift on a budget is super easy, fun and affordable! All supplies except the glue gun are from the Dollar Tree

Supplies you will need:

2~ Mini Christmas Trees

zip ties


hot glue gun

3~4 rolls of assorted ribbons

floral picks

One pipe cleaner if you are creating your own bow.

Take the trees out of the box, remove the plastic bottom and discard.

Put the two bottoms together side by side and zip tie. Be sure to leave space to add the bow. Cut the ends of the Christmas trees off.

Fluff out the branches and start your bow! You can create your own bow, or purchase one of those from the Dollar Tree as well.

Add your bow with your pipe cleaner to the center of your Swag. Be sure to twist it on very tight. Fluff your bow out..

Now you are going to start adding ribbon from the top of your Swag with the branches from your tree. I added ribbon about every four inches. Keep going all the way down one side and then continuing up the other side to the top. Your diy door Swag gift is taking shape! Are you excited yet?

Now you are going to cut pieces of ribbon at about six inches, place two separate designs together, fold the ends and cut to create duck tails at the ends. Find the center of the ribbons and add them on the door Swag gift where you want to fill in some blank spots on the sides.

Now add your floral picks or any decorations that you would like to add to the top and bottom of your diy door Swag gift.

Diy Door Swag Gift on a budget can be the talk of the town when your family member or friend hangs it on their door.

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