Amazing Dollar Tree Sublimation Finds

Amazing Dollar Tree Sublimation Finds. First up is my Baby Blanket finds! Say what? Omgodness! I stroll around our Dollar Tree on the hunt for items that I can sublimate on! It’s amazing that you can find those Dollar Tree finds to make affordable gifts that my customers will love!

Did you think that you could take a baby blanket from the Dollar tree and craft it into something beautiful. People love affordable items that don’t break the bank. I sell a lot more items due to my dollar Tree Finds. Instead of only being able to afford one item, people are able to buy a few.

The Baby blanket find was in the baby section and it is 100% polyester (fleece)! I found a great design to print out with my sublimation eco tank Epson Printer. Placed the blanket on my heat press, sprayed Elmer’s Craft bond Spray on the blanket corner . Using the bonding spray is a game changer. It not only holds your print in place it also assures there are no tape marks. I took my design print and placed it where I sprayed the bond.

Set your press at 385 degrees and press with medium pressure for 60 seconds! I probably needed a little less pressure so they wouldn’t have the marks.

This my friends was an example of my Amazing Dollar Tree Sublimation Finds!

Keep watching for more to come! I love finding treasures at my local Dollar Tree. Some people can’t afford the high prices at the store for gifts that they know their receivers will love. I am here to offer affordable gifts at lower costs to my amazing customers. I will e adding more posts! My Dollar tree finds always excite me. I hope that you all come back soon to keep up to date on items that are found at the Dollar Tree

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